BBOXX Celebrates the Distribution of over 100,000 Solar Home Systems

BBOXX, The London based off-grid energy company, has this week celebrated the distribution of over 100,000 solar home systems across the developing world since 2010, providing access to affordable, clean energy to off-grid communities.

BBOXX’s systems have the capability to provide access to a wide range of appliances to improve the quality of life of its customers; from lighting and phone charging to TV’s and shavers. BBOXX’s latest systems (since 2014) come with SMART Solar; the ability to monitor performance of the system and provide superior customer service in over 160 countries around the world.


Some numbers to put this achievement in perspective:

  • Over 500,000 people around the world now have access to modern electricity in their home.
  • 4.3 MW of Manufactured Energy Production Capacity. (That’s equivalent to 4.3 Million BBOXX LED Light Bulbs!)
  • 17 MWH of potential energy storage.
  • 387,600 data uploads from SMART Solar Kits every day.
  • 1.5 Million hours of SMART Solar Kit usage recorded each day.