BBOXX continually examines the use of our products in our markets in Case Studies. We collect a vast amount of data and customer information not only to provide superior customer service, but to also ensure our products survive and thrive in harsh environments. BBOXX also regularly conducts interviews with its customers to learn how using solar is changing their lives. Here are a few of our favorite stories.

Aisha Mulidwa is a BBOXX customer in an old railway town in Kasese, Western Uganda. She is 25 years old and has two children. She came to BBOXX in search of a solar system for her home after hearing about BBOXX from a neighbour. BBOXX sales agents helped Aisha decide on our BB7 product together with a 15W Solar Panel to charge two mobile phones and two light bulbs, and gave her our special monthly payment plan. Aisha was so happy with her BB7 product that she recommended ten of her neighbours to see BBOXX for their solar systems.
Our BBOXX agents noticed her enthusiasm and offered Aisha a job as an official BBOXX sales agent in August 2014. Because she has difficulty reading and writing Aisha works with a student to help her fill out incoming applications and has also hired a sales agent to help her with demand. By the end of her first week working with BBOXX, Aisha had brought in an additional eight customers. Aisha is now one of BBOXX’s most successful sales agents and regularly helps us bring in new customers in western Uganda.
BBOXX markets both solar kits and solar installations. In August 2014, BBOXX received an order for a solar installation for a different type of client, the Rukoki prison in Uganda. The prisoners there had never had access to electricity, as it was seen as too costly to justify the investments despite clear safety benefits. With BBOXX the Rukoki prison can spread the cost of their system over time in our monthly payment plan, and is now able to afford electricity for the first time.
The prisoners of Rukoki now have clean and renewable solar lights which have both health and safety benefits over fossil-fuel lamps. BBOXX solar systems improve the lives of even the most marginalized of society.