A BBOXX customer is typically located in a rural off-grid area. Most earn their living by farming coffee or vanilla bean on small plots of 1-2 acres. Some, especially around the Great Lakes, are fishermen who catch tilapia and nile perch.

Customers in Kenya and Rwanda usually earn US$100-$200 per month and spend $8-12 on energy expenditure such as purchasing kerosene, batteries, and charging their phones. BBOXX prices its direct sales units to match these existing energy costs, spreading the cost of a solar system over time to widen its customer base, enabling the masses to purchase clean renewable solar energy.

  • Customer 1

    "I have not once bought paraffin while I have been having BBOXX. We are 15 in this house. BBOXX has saved me money and health costs too. Now I can pay school fees for my family."

    Kule M. Lawrence, BB17 customer
  • Customer 2

    “I have saved money with BBOXX, I no longer buy paraffin or dry cell batteries. I use the money for my children and buy bran for my pigs. When swine fever came many pigs became sickly, but my pigs had good food and good health.”

    Kabugho Rebecca, BB17 customer
  • Ann Gloag

    "BBOXX is transforming the lives of many of our patients in Malawi, giving them the chance to build a hopeful future. By lighting their homes and providing an income stream, BBOXX is helping to empower women who previously were outcast and isolated – now they are the centre of their villages and families."

    Ann Gloag OBE, Founder of the Freedom from Fistula Foundation