Are you distributing solar products? Do you want to control products on payment plans? Do you want to monitor your solar products remotely?

SMART Solar is an innovative solution that enables our solar products to be controlled and monitored remotely. With SMART Solar, BBOXX can extend the life of the battery, improve the experience for the user, and offer superior customer service.

1. Install Kit install kit
2. Control remotely control remotely
3. Monitor Product control remotely
4. Locate Product control remotely

BBOXX SMART Solar links customers, equipment, support and payment to raise the standard of solar energy, building a trusted BBOXX brand across all emerging markets.

  • SMART Solar is a BBOXX energy service that provides remote monitoring and battery management.
  • Usage information is collected and sent through mobile networks to a BBOXX cloud-based customer and hardware management dashboard.
  • BBOXX uses data analysis to configure and adapt each system to extend the life of the battery and control the product.
  • SMART Solar enables superior customer service based on real-time data. Proactive alerts are issued to customer service agents instantly to track problems before they evolve.
  • The SMART Solar dashboard shows the location of each system up to 1km giving geographical coordinates to direct service agents.
  • Lastly, to ensure monthly payments are made and to remove the risk of extending credit financing to customers, SMART Solar includes the ability to remotely turn-off the system if required.