BBOXX has grown from 3 co-founders to a worldwide staff of more than 350 people, creating jobs and opportunities in in the local workforce in all of our markets. We are proud to employ people in Kenya, Rwanda, the UK and China. All of our staff undergo an intensive training and educational program called BBOXX Academy to unite our employees in providing superior customer service. Below is a short list of the BBOXX leadership.

Executive Team

  • bbox Christopher Baker-Brian

    Christopher Baker-Brian

    Chief Technology Officer

    Christopher is a graduate of Imperial College London, where he obtained a first class honours (M.Eng) degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. He was part of a team of students that founded “e.quinox” in 2008 and co-founded BBOXX in 2010. Christopher is responsible for product development, supply chain and BBOXX’s manufacturing partnerships. In addition, Christopher has extensive technical experience in the petro-chemicals (Shell) and aerospace (Rolls-Royce) industries. He is a full member of the IEEE and IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology) and currently serves as a general member of the 2011-2014 IEEE Ad-Hoc Committee on Humanitarian Activities.
  • bbox Mansoor Hamayun

    Mansoor Hamayun

    Chief Executive Officer

    CEO and co-founder of BBOXX, Mansoor is responsible for the fast growth and impressive market expansion the company has witnessed in just four years. Mansoor manages a diverse global team and specialises in rural electrification, renewable energy technology and business in Africa. His degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, from Imperial College, gave him and his fellow founders the ability to find a solution to the growing energy deficit in the developing world. A focused and committed entrepreneur, Mansoor is bringing reliable electricity to the masses and putting solar energy on the map. Prior to starting BBOXX Mansoor started a charity, e.quinox, with Laurent and Chris where he gained vital experience in dealing with NGOs and governments. The charity, where Mansoor served as its first chairman, is still running today and sees students creating and installing solar kiosks in remote villages in countries such as Rwanda and Tanzania, providing electricity to communities for the first time. Mansoor also spent a year-and-a-half at Rolls Royce, developing strategies and implementing business processes to improve efficiency.
  • bbox Laurent Van Houcke

    Laurent Van Houcke

    Chief Operations Officer

    Laurent is a graduate from Imperial College London where he obtained a first class honours (M.Eng) degree in Electronic and Electrical Engineering. He was part of a team of students that founded “e.quinox” in 2008 and co-founded BBOXX in 2010.Laurent is responsible for macromanaging BBOXX's operations globally from shipping to the point of sales going through marketing and long term business development in our different markets. Laurent has professional experience in the Energy Distribution Sector with EDF Energy in London and the Energy Consultancy Sector with Norman Disney & young. Laurent travels across our different markets to support BBOXX's local partners from a technical, market and business development points of view.


  • bbox Matthew Boyle

    Matthew Boyle

    Group Finance Director

    Matthew Boyle is Group Finance Director of BBOXX, a dynamic young company that designs, manufactures, distributes and finances innovative solar systems to improve access to energy across Africa and the developing world. Born in Ireland, Matthew is a graduate from Queen’s University Belfast and a qualified chartered accountant. Matthew has worked with two of the Big 4 accounting firms, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and KPMG. Prior to joining BBOXX, Matthew has held senior finance positions in the UK, Middle East and ASEAN. Matthew has a strong background in renewable energy including solar, biogas and biomass and also asset leasing, emergency services training and vehicle manufacturing. As Finance Director, Matthew leads BBOXX in all aspects of its financial activities, processes and structures – including a finance team with members based in the UK, East Africa and East Asia. Matthew has a strong background in implementing strong and visible finance processes and structures both in vibrant, faced paced start up entities and diverse group entities based across a variety of developing nations. Matthew has significant experience of and strong interest in, growing companies and bringing electrification to those in most need of it across the developing world. Matthew is an Irish and British national with fluent English, German, Thai and Laos. He resides in London
  • bbox Sudeep Desaraju

    Sudeep Desaraju

    Vice President Debt Finance

    Sudeep studied at the University of Sydney – B.Com (Finance); LLB, specialising in Investment Banking. Sudeep is responsible for raising capital and overseeing the implementation of accounting systems at BBOXX. Sudeep is a fan of deadlift$, cupcake$ and cuddle$ (!)

Business Development

  • bbox Anshul Patel

    Anshul Patel

    Vice President, Business Development

    Anshul is a graduate of Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London. He has held roles in technical and commercial units at Rolls Royce, and has been involved in the BBOXX Business since 2011 having launched the business independently in Kenya. Anshul has a strong background in operational management, and is currently responsible to develop BBOXX’s licensing business, develop new market opportunities and build strategic partnerships.
  • bbox Joe Segal

    Joe Segal

    Business Development Manager

    Joe Segal is the Business Development Manager at BBOXX. After obtaining a Masters in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering at Leeds University, Joe joined JP Morgan to work in their Technology department in London. However, during a summer internship at Rolls Royce, Joe met Mansoor and, upon hearing Mansoor was starting BBOXX, contacted him to be part of the Solar Revolution. Since joining in 2013, Joe has worked throughout the company starting by running the Sales and Logistics departments for the global business out of China. After two years, Joe moved to the Operations team to structure and manage the logistics function throughout Kenya and Rwanda, working closely with the Accounting function. Finally, Joe helped form the Business Development team and joined to provide operation experience, deploying new DESCOs in Cameroon and Nigeria. This role is helping to expand the footprint of BBOXX and establish new businesses in new markets to attain our goal of 20 million customers. A keen traveller, Joe has visited over 60 countries on 6 countries. He is keen to visit New Zealand to complete the set.

Country Managers

  • bbox Joane Kayibanda

    Joane Kayibanda

    Managing Director, BBOXX Kenya

    Joane Kayibanda is a Rwandan woman, who works with BBOXX as Managing Director for the BBOXX Kenya operations to help grow the business in this part of the region. Joane believes that great service and leadership is key to business strength and is dedicated to growth and development within organizations. She has worked in different Rwandan Industries from start-up like Telecoms, IT Companies, with 5 years' experience in Customer Service, Managing teams and Administrative support. Joane is a Post Graduate in Management & IT, has a BA from Griggs University with a focus in Accounting. Joane has an eye for start-ups
  • bbox Monica Keza Katumwine

    Monica Keza Katumwine

    Managing Director, BBOXX Rwanda

    Monica Keza Katumwine and I am the Managing Director of Bboxx Rwanda where am responsible for leading the country team to deliver on the business’ short term profitability and long term growth goals. This involves implementing the companies strategies and business plans at the country level, while providing regular detailed feedback to all other departments across the business on how to improve management processes and systems. I hold a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Makerere University (Uganda) and have over 15 years’ experience managing retail operations in the banking sector in Uganda, UK and Rwanda. My biggest achievement was managing the biggest retail Bank in Rwanda with 190 locations. I am passionate about exceptional and consistent service delivery. On a good day, I am the heart of the party!
  • bbox Justus Mucyo

    Justus Mucyo

    Head of Retail Operations-Africa

    Justus has been involved in the Energy sector in Rwanda since 2009 both in the public and private sector mainly in methane gas to power and solar projects. He started the operation of BBOXX’s Rwandan subsidiary in 2014 as Managing Director and oversaw the growth of the company to over 25,000 customers and 200 full-time staff. He is currently over-seeing BBOXX’s Retail Operations in East Africa and will be supporting the company’s growth across the continent.


  • bbox Rogerio Almeida

    Rogerio Almeida

    Software Manager

  • bbox Ime Akpan

    Ime Akpan

    Third Party Licensing Manager

  • bbox Nathan Puzniak-Holford

    Nathan Puzniak-Holford

    Lead Data Scientist

    Nathan has a Master’s degrees in both Physics and Renewable Energy. He has been at BBOXX since 2014 and has a passion for using data to improve the lives of BBOXX customers. In his current role he seeks to make data available those who need it to support data-driven decision making. He loves travelling, learning Polish and pandas.
  • bbox Ashley Grealish

    Ashley Grealish

    Engineering Manager

Supply Chain

  • bbox William Van Goethem

    William Van Goethem

    CEO of BBOXX Asia