BBOXX The Solar Revolution


BBOXX produces solar kits, residential solar installations, energy kiosks and efficient accessories for sales in the developing world. BBOXX also offers accessories such as LED lights, phone chargers, televisions and refrigerators, BBOXX provides more than just solar lanterns, BBOXX provides complete energy solutions.


BBOXX invests in research and development and created SMART Solar to remotely monitor use, which optimises products and extends the life of the battery. SMART Solar data links customers, equipment, support and payment systems; building trust in sustainable electricity. BBOXX also offers a pay-as-you-go service allowing more customers in the developing world to access clean green solar power.


Since 2010, BBOXX has sold 41,000 units in 35 countries, providing 205,000 people with electricity. By using BBOXX people have longer working or studying hours, in addition to safety and environmental benefits. Savings extend beyond kerosene costs: an average BBOXX household saves US$16 per month and 71% of BBOXX households benefit from additional income of about $49 per month.


In December 2013, the Financial Times called BBOXX “one of the UK’s fastest growing companies”. As income levels in rural communities rise, more people can afford access to electricity services, and BBOXX is there to serve them. BBOXX has 30 rural shops in 3 countries, and by the end of 2014, will grow to 60 shops in 4 countries.


The co-founders of BBOXX met at Imperial College London while studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering. All three had travelled in the developing world and recognised the challenge posed to community and business development by the unreliable electrical supply. In response, the trio founded a successful student charity, which exposed the potential for off-grid solar solutions in the developing world. A for-profit venture, BBOXX is the result.

Contact us:

BBOXX, Chiswick Studios, 9B Power Road, London, W4 5PY, United Kingdom
+44 20 3290 0479

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