BBOXX Limited

Company overview:

We are a next-generation utility platform, powering growth and transforming lives in developing countries.

We are generating impact by improving customers’ quality of life through provision of affordable, clean energy solutions. Today, we offer pay-as-you-go solar power, but our aim is to expand rapidly to provide other vital utility services, such as cooking gas, internet access and water pumping. . We are constantly searching and realising innovative solutions across our customer and business needs to provide the best value services to our customers.

At the heart of BBOXX is our pioneering management platform, called Pulse, which continuously collects data and insights, enabling us to provide our services to previously unreachable populations.

Pulse works in tandem with our innovative hardware, which we design and manufacture ourselves at our dedicated facilities. We partner with other companies providing different hardware solutions, all of which are compatible with Pulse.

We have sealed partnerships with global technology companies and have developed a strong and broad network of next generation utility companies.

Today, we are operating in 12 countries, including Rwanda, Kenya, Togo, DRC and Pakistan, and supporting energy projects in 8 countries. We continue to seek strategic partnerships with world-class organisations who share our vision to expand into existing and new markets around the world.


We produce solar kits, residential solar installations, energy kiosks and efficient accessories for sales in the developing world. We also offer accessories such as LED lights, phone chargers, televisions and refrigerators. We provide more than just solar lanterns, we provide complete energy solutions.


We invest in research and development and created SMART Solar to remotely monitor use, which optimises products and extends the life of the battery. SMART Solar data links customers, equipment, support and payment systems; building trust in sustainable electricity. We also offer a pay-as-you-go service allowing more customers in the developing world to access clean green solar power.


Since 2010, we have sold 150,000 units in 35 countries, providing 675,000 people with electricity. By using our products, people have longer working or studying hours, in addition to safety and environmental benefits. Savings extend beyond kerosene costs: an average BBOXX household saves US$16 per month and 71% of BBOXX households benefit from additional income of about $49 per month. We directly contribute to 6 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, reducing inequalities and providing decent work to young people in developing countries.


We have a broad network of distributors and partners around the world to help us bring an on-grid experience to the off-grid communities.

We expand through our wholly-owned retail presence in Rwanda and Kenya and by establishing partner Next Generation Utility Companies (NGUs) in new markets.

We have 45 shops in Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Togo and Kenya. We have sealed partnerships with global telecommunications and energy companies Global Telecommunication and Energy majors to accelerate our expansion and roll out of our model in new geographies.
We have now sell products in 35 countries.


The co-founders of BBOXX met at Imperial College London while studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering. All three had travelled in the developing world and recognised the challenge posed to community and business development by the unreliable electrical supply. In response, the trio founded a successful student charity, which exposed the potential for off-grid solar solutions in the developing world. A for-profit venture, BBOXX is the result.

Today, BBOXX journey has three clear steps and we have already taken strides as the company’s trajectory pivots from solar company, to utility provider, to platform.

Contact us:

BBOXX, Chiswick Studios, 9B Power Road, London, W4 5PY, United Kingdom
+44 (0)20 8987 3195

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